Garden Services

Our knowledgable garden team brings thoughtful, careful and fun ideas to ever project. The garden department can help execute a plan to help beautify your home or business. We provide season long reoccurring services, or one time services to the landscape beds on your property.

Our close relationships with local nurseries gives you the piece of mind that every plant you receive will be of the highest quality and will stand the test of time that Wisconsin weather presents.



Container Services 

Our team provides designs to flow with each season for your home or business. Their thoughtfully planned containers will provide extravagant, bold color throughout the growing season. We offer on site arrangements, or pre built containers to fit the decor of all seasons.

Weeding Services

Our Garden team can provide you with a dedicated weeding program to fit the needs of your property. We offer meticulous hand pulling of all weeds to achieve the look that your landscape beds deserve. Our team provides these weeding services on a weekly, bi-weekly or one time service basis.


We work with each client to help achieve their gardening goals with a beautiful well thought out planting design. Our team can make a dramatic impactful transformation to your property.

Free Estimates and Inquiries

No matter the job, contact us for a free estimate.